**DRUGBEAT keeps you up-to-date with the latest in Drug Interdiction tactics, tips, and techniques.

**DRUGBEAT allows K-9 Handlers and Trainers to share stories, photos, and information about their narcotic detection dog.

**DRUGBEAT provides K-9 handlers a source for reliable information and input from other K-9 handlers.

**DRUGBEAT will keep you informed of the latest intelligence about traffickers, masking agents, and general care for your helpful, K-9 partner. We provide locations of certification agents for departments to certify their K-9 and Handler.

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You can apply to become a K-9 Certifying Agent for DRUGBEAT if you meet the following criteria:

**You must have at least 2 years experience in the field of Police K-9 training and handling.

**You must have at least 3 references verifying your K-9 training/handling experience. One of these references must be for a K-9 that has been trained by you and sold by you/or has been worked by someone other than yourself.

**If you want to certify Narcotic Detection K-9's you must have a D.E.A. license or be a Law Enforcement Officer with legal access to real drugs. We do not perform narcotic certifications with pseudo or false scents.

**You must have adequate indoor facilities available to perform certifications in.

**You must be dedicated to performing Law Enforcement K-9 certifications, but willing to perform certifications for non-Law Enforcement agencies too, such as detection companies, private investigators and security companies.

**You must be an established training center or part of a Law enforcement K-9 unit.

If you meet the above criteria and your application is approved you will become a DRUGBEAT Certifying Agent. Certifying Agents receive:

**70% commission on all certifications performed.

**Free advertising via the Drugbeat.com and Hornbecks.net Websites

**50% discount on the Hornbeck Video produced line of drug interdiction and K-9 training videos and books.

If you are accepted as an Agent, you will be mailed full details on the program, how it works, certification guidelines, certification paperwork, etc. Please download the Agent Application, print and mail back to us with. There is a 1 time application fee of $150.00. If your application is denied you will receive a full refund. Please allow 30 days to process your application.

Agent Application

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