**DRUGBEAT keeps you up-to-date with the latest in Drug Interdiction tactics, tips, and techniques.

**DRUGBEAT allows K-9 Handlers and Trainers to share stories, photos, and information about their narcotic detection dog.

**DRUGBEAT provides K-9 handlers a source for reliable information and input from other K-9 handlers.

**DRUGBEAT will keep you informed of the latest intelligence about traffickers, masking agents, and general care for your helpful, K-9 partner. We provide locations of certification agents for departments to certify their K-9 and Handler.

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LaFollette K-9 Training Center
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Stay one step ahead of the drug trafficker! While smugglers have money and means to try to outwit law enforcement officers, DRUGBEAT keeps officers one-step ahead of the foolhardy, yet persistent drug smuggler. Officers communicating with fellow officers allows members the private, secure facility for officers to alert each other to unique trafficker profiles and unique smuggling devices.

Drugbeat certification standards are among the toughest in the business. We provide, no matter who you are, certification of working dogs and handlers as long as you have the proper training and can pass the test. After all in the real world that is what needs to be done to make a great K-9 team.

You do not have to be a member of any organization or of Drugbeat to qualify for certification. You just have to find one of our certifying agents that we have across the US and many other countries around the world and pass our test. The standards that we test are all on the side of this page. They are designed to portray the real world in their situations. We do not offer competitions (although the individual agents may on occasion host something just for fun). We do not require membership or membership fees, only a nominal fee for the testing. You DO NOT have to be a member of law enforcement to test, private security K-9's are welcome also.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Gary at 417-353-1596 or Tonya at 417-353-1221, or you can e-mail us at


**Narcotic K-9 Certification

**Bomb Dog Certification

The ULTIMATE Working Dog Lead

This lead is made of a special rubberized material that is stronger and more durable than leather.


**Brass Locking Alligator Clip

**3 Brass Rings, Center one floats for maximum versitility

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