Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure 14.1 – Vehicular Searches

(a) An officer who has reasonable cause to believe that a moving or readily movable vehicle is or contains things subject to seizure may, without a search warrant, stop, detain, and search the vehicle and may seize things subject to seizure discovered in the course of the search where the vehicle is:
(i) on a public way or waters or other area open to the public;
(ii) in a private area unlawfully entered by the vehicle; or
(iii) in a private area lawfully entered by the vehicle, provided that exigent circumstances require immediate detention, search, and seizure to prevent destruction or removal of the things subject to seizure.
(b) If the officer does not find the things subject to seizure by his search of the vehicle, and if:
(i) the things subject to seizure are of such a size and nature that they could be concealed on the person; and
(ii) the officer has reason to suspect that one (1) or more of the occupants of the vehicle may have the things subject to seizure so concealed;
the officer may search the suspected occupants; provided that this subsection shall not apply to individuals traveling as passengers in a vehicle operating as a common carrier.

(c) This rule shall not be construed to limit the authority of an officer under Rules 2 and 3 hereof.