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**DRUGBEAT keeps you up-to-date with the latest in Drug Interdiction tactics, tips, and techniques.

**DRUGBEAT allows K-9 Handlers and Trainers to share stories, photos, and information about their narcotic detection dog.

**DRUGBEAT provides K-9 handlers a source for reliable information and input from other K-9 handlers.

**DRUGBEAT will keep you informed of the latest intelligence about traffickers, masking agents, and general care for your helpful, K-9 partner. We provide locations of certification agents for departments to certify their K-9 and Handler.

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Neal Rideout and Gary LaFollette with recent trainees and Drugbeat certified handlers in the Dominican Republic.

Drugbeat K-9 Certifications is a nationally known and internationally recognized Working K-9 certification organization. We have been an established certifying agency for over 20 years, serving both law enforcement and private security.

Drugbeat's mission is to have a uniform set of K-9 certification standards around the world that will meet or exceed the government qualifications for K-9 detection and protection standards. Our certifications are NOT based on competition qualifications but on what is needed for a Working K-9 team to be successful on the job in the real world in the areas of narcotic detection, bomb detection, accelerant (arson)detection, patrol/handler protection, and search and rescue.

The other part of Drugbeat's mission is to make these K-9 certifications accessable to anyone that is a handler of working detection and/or protection K-9's. Many of the certification organizations are open only to members which in most cases must be law enforcement. This is not the case with Drugbeat K-9 Certifications, we are not a membership organization nor do we discriminate against private security agencies with working dogs.

$303,020.00 seizure less than 1 week after Drugbeat training and certification.

We have certifying agents across the U.S. and internationally that have been thouroughly screened as professional K-9 trainers and are highly qualified to not only test your K-9 for competence but to assist you in any and all of your K-9 training needs. The only qualification you need is to be a K-9 handler of a trained K-9 to be able to test for certification.

For a complete listing of all of our certifying agents please Click this Link. If you would like more information about who we are and what we do, please email gdl040257@aol.com

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